Santos Thrash Attack

Projeto Hard N Heavy apresenta: Santos Thrash Attack com as bandas
Athanator, Brokenhead, Vetor - 06 de julho - Tribal Club - Santos - São Paulo

Local: Tribal Club
Endereço: Rua Julio de Mesquita, n° 165 - Vila Matias
Cidade: Santos - São Paulo
Inicio/abertura da casa: 21 horas

1° Lote/R$ 20,00
2° Lote/R$ 25,00
Porta/R$ 30,00

Postos de vendas
Santos: TOP SHIRTS ( Rua Marcilio Dias 9 no Gonzaga) e NÁUTICA TATTOO (Shopping Praiamar)
São Vicente: GUDSTORE ( Rua Joao Ramalho 782, Centro)
Praia Grande: NÁUTICA TATTOO (Litoral Plaza Shopping)
São Paulo: MUTILATION RECORDS (Galeria do Rock/São Paulo)

Um comentário:

  1. ¡¡¡Hello people of Brasil!!!
    We are very glad to play in your country, and some people are asking about our set list. We think this will be the songs we will play in your beautiful country:

    1. Murderous Dreams.
    2. Suicide Souls.
    3. Metabolic Damage
    4. Children of darkness
    5. Walk down the dark
    6. The perfect enemy
    7. Unsocial God
    8. Thoughts on the battlefield
    9. Smile of the death
    10. Architect of desaster
    11. The Army of death
    12. Method to the Madness
    13. Frightened by the bombs
    14. The crypt of my heart

    ...and 3 o 4 covers songs of our favourite bands, dependly of the time on stage. We hope you will enjoy this brutal show, and you can to know and feel this songs in our video channel:


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